Life Quote #76

Fear comes from the uncertainty of life, our attachment to everything and it is been taught to us throughout our lives. All possession is an illusion, since we never had anything to begin with, including the fear itself. 

Life Quotes 91-100

#Awakening #Consciousness #TrueSelf
91. When I dream that I’m fully awakened, I realize that there is no more „me“ in it. 92. Everything is connected and the whole existence of the world as we know is dependent on the concurrence of components that reside in it. 93. The state of consciousness is fluent and ever expanding, like a river – and it strives towards unification just as all rivers end up in the ocean. 94. The potential of every human goes only as far as one would let it. 95. People are so used to quick fixes in their self-perceived physical realities, they have forgotten that the experience of life is the inner struggle between one true self and the aspirations of the illusory personality. 96. Everyone can find equilibrium, even in their own „self-regulated insanity“. 97. Self-realization starts with breaking through the layers of irrational mind and ends with identification of something in you that isn’t you anymore. 98. In a cluttered mind, it is impossible to discern the source of the thoughts. To find out whether those thoughts came from your own internal, subconscious mind or if those have an external source – the implanted idea. 99. Gaining approval from the public means losing your individuality and blending into the masses. 100. Missed opportunities were never opportunities, because at that point of time you didn’t have the means to utilize them. Those were the displays of potential that life circumstances exposed you to.